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Lanterna Magica

Lanterna Magica

Lanterna Magica (1st Small Print Exhibition by Photo Salons Aalborg) Closing Date : 20.09.2017

(NFFF Patronage 2017/17)

Patronages issued by NFFF

Patronages issued by NFFF

Here is the complete list of patronages issued by NFFF in 2017

Here is the complete list of patronages issued by NFFF in 2016

Malmö International Exhibition of Photographic Art

Malmö International Exhibition of Photographic Art Closing Date : 31.08.2017

(NFFF Patronage : 2017/03)

2nd Nordic International Digital Circuit 2017

2nd Nordic International Digital Circuit 2017
Opening Date : 31.7.2017 Closing Date 31.10.2017

(NFFF Patronage : 2017/04)

Open Galleries

Open galleries from Nordic Photographers

Nordisk Fotomästerskap 2017

Invited Photographers

Picture galleries from Nordic Photographers


Links to our national societies

About Us

About us

About us

The Nordic Society of Photography is a cooperation between the national organisations of photography in the Nordic countries. The Board is represented by two members from each country’s national societiy.

Denmark : Selskabet for Dansk Fotografi

Finland   :  Suomen Kameraseurojen Liitto Ry (SKsl)

Norway  : Norsk Selskap for Fotografi

Sweden : Riksförbundet Svensk Fotografi


Contact information

Contact information

Please feel free to contact any of the Board :

President               : Nils-Erik Jerlemar (RSF Sweden)        Mail : president ( at )

Vice President       : Pekka Salminen (SKsL Finland)         Mail : vicepresident ( at )

General Secretary  : Roald Synnevåg (NSFF Norway)       Mail : secretary ( at )

Treasurer                : Monica Wennblom (RSF Sweden)    Mail : treasurer ( at )

Vice Treasurer        : Michael Fahlgren (SDF Denmark)    Mail: vicetreasurer ( at )

Member                   : Per Valentin (SDF Denmark)           Mail: member2 ( at )

Webmaster             : Halvor Larsen (NSFF Norway)           Mail : webmaster ( at )

Member                   : Tapio Karjalainen (SKsL Finland)      Mail : member1 ( at )