Privacy Policy

Protection of your personal data.

To manage your competitions entries send you the results and keep track of your score NFFF and titles must collect and store data you provide us for these activities. In addition, we need to collect data from you if you sign up for NFFF events or apply for ‘NFFF arbejdsstipendier’.

These data will be handled according to the national implementations of the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and overseen by Danish Data Protection Agency, Swedish Data Protection Authority, Data Protection Agency Norway, and Data Protection Ombudsman Finland.

Only personal data that are strictly needed for NFFF to perform its core functions are collected and data are only to be kept as long as it is relevant for its purpose or for as long as stated by regulations or law.

NFFF will comply with the GDPR right to be forgotten, that is removal of data as it becomes old or obsolete. However, data used to fulfill the purpose of NFFF to keep your accumulated results will not be subject for ongoing removal.

You are entitled to get your personal data deleted if you wish so according to GDPR rules. NFFF will respond positively to any request from you. However, if data used in keeping your score in our salons etc. are to be deleted you will consequently loose the accumulated score and any documentation of your obtained honorary titles and prices for ever. Data used in our accounting can only be deleted after five years due to regulations.

Personal data includes photographs with your portrait. You can demand these pictures removed from our website. We will respond immediately. However it is the photographers liability to comply with the rules of GDPR and other regulations concerning his work.

You are entitled to know what data NFFF has on you. We will respond positively to any request. In addition, you are also entitled to see our policy document if you want to know the details of how and who handles the data and what we are storing precisely.

You can contact any person in our contact list to enforce your rights.


All GDPR-information concerning NFFF can be read here