Nordic Photography Championship

The Nordic Photography Championship is hosted by NFFF, and judged by an international jury. The salon is open for members of the Nordic associations (NSFF/ RSF/ SDF/ SKsL-AFCC) only. It is held annually, with the closing date in spring.

  • Submission starting date: March 16
  • Closing date: April 14
  • Results here on website: May 15

Conditions of entry:

  • Each photographer can participate with up to four (4) images in each section. An image can only be submitted into one of the sections.
  • The image files must have the jpg format, with the maximum format 1920 x 1080 px (width x height), and the size must be a maximum of 2 MB.
  • Images awarded or accepted in a previous round of the Nordic Photography Championship – or close to identical to a previously awarded/accepted image – can not be resubmitted.
  • An image can be rejected if the jury or the competition committee considers it does not follow the competition rules or is otherwise considered deviating.
  • The organizer takes no responsibility for copyright abuse.
  • By submitting images to the competition, the photographer accepts that the images can be used by the organizer to promote this and upcoming competitions.

Deviations from the rules:

Images not meeting the competition rules can be disqualified without a fee refund.


The winner of each section receives an NFFF Gold Medal. In addition, the jury may award the following:

  • NFFF Silver and Bronze Medal
  • RSF Gold, Silver and Bronze Medals
  • NSFF Gold, Silver and Bronze Medals
  • AFCC Gold, Silver and Bronze Medals
  • SDF Gold, Silver and Bronze Medals
  • Up to 30 NFFF Honourable Mentions

The best authors combined in each section will be awarded the honorary titles NMiFF 20xx (Nordic Master of Photography, Colour) and NMiFM 20xx (Nordic Master of Photography, Monochrome).

Result counts towards NSMiF:

Results from the championship will count towards the NSMiF badge of honour. Points are awarded according to the following table:

  • NFFF Gold 8 points
  • NFFF Silver 6 points
  • NFFF Bronze 5 points
  • RSF, NSFF, AFCC, SDF Gold 7 points
  • RSF, NSFF, AFCC, SDF Silver 5 points
  • RSF, NSFF, AFCC, SDF Bronze 4 points
  • Honourable Mention 3 points
  • Accepted 2 points

Club competition

The three best clubs (20 images given the most points for each club), both sections combined, will receive:

  • NFFF Gold medal plus a monetary prize in cash at the value of 1000€
  • NFFF Silver medal plus a monetary prize in cash at the value of 750€
  • NFFF Bronze medal plus a monetary prize in cash at the value of 500€