The results of the Nordic Photography Championship Slideshow 2024 are here! Ingela Knutas, the winner of the NFFF Gold medal, has been awarded the honorary title NMiFB 2024—Nordic Champion in Photography Bildspel 2024. Congratulations!

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  • NFFF Gold: Ingela Knutas (Sweden) “Gotland my heart”
  • AFCC Gold: Jorma Hevonkoski (Finland) “Kingdom of freeze”
  • NSFF Gold: Wille Markkanen (Finland) “Winter city Kuopio”
  • RSF Gold: Jorma Ikonen (Finland) “Time for Dreams”
  • SDF Gold: Harald K Andersen (Norway) “Fungi”


  • NFFF Silver: Petri Damsten (Finland) “Carnival”
  • AFCC Silver: Jörg Asmus (Sweden) “Vardarfåglarnas värld”
  • NSFF Silver: Vegard Hanssen (Norway) “Bears”
  • RSF Silver: Torbjørn Sundheim (Norway) “Mental health”
  • SDF Silver: Mats Grimfoot (Sweden) “Svalbard”


  • NFFF Bronze: Mikaela Friberg (Sweden) “Floral Photography”
  • AFCC Bronze: Bo Ding (Sweden) “Åndalsnes-Trollstigen”
  • NSFF Bronze: Istvan Csomortani (Sweden) “Drömmar om Gotland IC 5”
  • RSF Bronze: Richard Larssen (Norway) “The lighthouse”
  • SDF Bronze: Marina Ekberg (Sweden) “Till deras minne”


  • Katarina Holmström (Sweden) “And along came winter”
  • Tommy Lie (Sweden) “- there is something in the WOODS…”
  • Ari Lindholm (Finland) “Artic starflowers”
  • Per Martens (Denmark) “Occupied Denmark”
  • Henrik Sell (Finland) “Some Nature Photos from an Island”
  • Morten Tellefsen (Norway) “Young generation”
  • Dick Wåhlin (Sweden) “Eagles and Owls”

Our congratulations!