NFFF documents, application forms, protocols

NFFF honours: NSMiF/

The Nordic Grand Master (NSMiF) honours are achieved through awarded participation in the Nordic Championship plus salons with NFFF Patronage, counted from 2016.

  • Gold: 7 pts
  • Silver: 5 pts
  • Bronze: 4 pts
  • HM: 3 pts
  • Acceptance: 2 pts

Required points for each honour, with a minimum of points from the Nordic Photography Championship in parenthesis:

  • NSMiF/b: 60 (18)
  • NSMiF/s: 90 (27)
  • NSMiF/g: 120 (36)
  • NSMiF/p: 150 (45)
  • NSMiF/d1: 300 (90)
  • NSMiF/d2: 450 (135)
  • NSMiF/d3: 600 (180)

The members do not have to apply for the honours award. One month before the application deadline, photographers will be sent a report of their achievements. This excerpt from the NFFF’s database, equipped with the photographer’s signature, is considered a formal application for an honours award.

NFFF honours: MNFFF/

The purpose of the photo portfolio is, among other things, to be an alternative to competitions. The photographer displays his/her qualities and creativity, interest in specific topics, and/or the breadth of his/her photography. MNFFF has 3 different levels:

  • MNFFF/b (bronze)
  • MNFFF/s (silver)
  • MNFFF/g (gold)

From the rules

  • May be awarded after the applicant has achieved NSMiF/s.
  • The application form is sent by email to by January 15 (for 2021, the deadline is March 15).
  • The images max size is 1920 x 1080 px.
  • Send the images via WeTransfer, to
  • Honours are awarded on February 28 (for 2021, the date is later due to the postponed deadline).
  • The applicant is awarded a certificate and a jacket pin at no cost.

Find your friendship club!

We have compiled a list of Nordic twin towns and sister cities, with the camera clubs for each listed. We encourage you to reach out and find new photo friends!