Nordic Photography Championship – Slideshow

The Nordic Photography Championship – slideshow is an annual salon hosted by NFFF and judged by an international jury. The salon is open for members of the Nordic associations (NSFF/ RSF/ SDF/ SKsL-AFCC) only. It is held annually, with the closing date in February.

  • Submission starting date: 31 Dec
  • Closing date: 4 Feb
  • Results published on 28 Feb

Rules and definitions

  • Stills, time-lapses and/ or movie clips may be included; however, the raw material should mainly consist of still pictures (also valid when it comes to time-lapses). Film clips should not last longer than a max of 10 % of the total duration of the slideshow.
  • All motifs and photography techniques (colour, monochrome, analogue, digital, etc.) are allowed and can be mixed freely.
  • Allowed video formats: .mp4, .mpg/.mpeg, .mov, .avi and .wmv. Max res. 1920×1080 px.
  • Max duration for the slideshow is 4 minutes (240 seconds).
  • The contestant must be the rights holder/ creator of all the photos in the slideshow.
  • The slideshow may or may not include sound. Copyrighted music can not be used; music/sound included must be created by the contestant or royalty-free.
  • The contestant’s name, signature, or camera club name must not be displayed in the slideshow. Other text may be included. All included music must be listed in the end credits.
  • Photos from previously awarded MNFFF-collections – silver and gold – can not be included.


A qualified jury will be appointed.

Honours, prices

The winner will receive an NFFF Gold medal. The best author combined will be awarded the honorary title NMiFB 20xx; Nordic Master of Photography – Slideshow (Bildspel).

Points are awarded according to the following table:

  • NFFF Gold: 8 points
  • NFFF Silver: 6 points
  • NFFF Bronze: 5 points
  • RSF, NSFF, AFCC, SDF Gold: 7 points
  • RSF, NSFF, AFCC, SDF Silver: 5 points
  • RSF, NSFF, AFCC, SDF Bronze: 4 points
  • Accepted: 2 points