October 11: Four days ahead of schedule, the results have been published, and all medal winners have been notified. Huge congratulations to this year’s overall best and Nordic Champion, Clas Gustafson (Swe)!


The Nordic Society of Photography cordially invites all members of camera clubs as well as direct members – associated with Riksförbundet Svensk Fotografi RSF, Norsk Selskap for Fotografi NSFF, Suomen Kameraseurojen Liitto SKsL (AFCC), and Selskabet for Dansk Fotografi SFD – to participate in the 3rd Nordic Photography Championship Collections/Series 2023.

The illustration image on this page is the collection “Landsknægte” by Bjarne Hyldgaard, MFIAP, EFIAP/d3, NSMiF/d1, MSDF/g, MNFFF/g, Denmark, which earned an NFFF Gold in 2022.


One digital section: Colour and/or Monochrome (mixed is also allowed).

All acceptances will count towards the NSMiF distinction, equal to the points received in Nordic international photography salons with FIAP and NFFF patronage.

Registration and upload:

Authors register their participation and upload photos digitally via the button below.

Registration fee:

The registration fee is € 15.00 / participant. The fee is paid to the specified PayPal address after uploading photos.

Salon calendar:

  • Submission starting date: August 15, 2023
  • Closing date: September 17, 2023
  • Results here on nordic.photo website: October 15, 2023

Conditions of entry:

  • Each photographer can participate with up to two (2) collections/series of 3–5 images each.
  • By submitting images to the competition, the photographer accepts that the images can be used by the organizer to promote this and upcoming competitions.
  • A collection/series can be rejected if the jury or the competition committee considers that the pictures do not follow the competition rules or are otherwise considered deviating.
  • The organizer takes no responsibility for copyright abuse.
  • The image files must have the jpg format, with the maximum format 1920 x 1080 px (width x height), and the size must be a maximum of 2 MB.
  • A collection is defined as a number of images with coherence or mutual context.
  • The author is free to choose a theme for their collection.
  • Both colour and monochrome photos are allowed – even mixed in the same collection.
  • Single images from previously awarded collections can not be reused in a new collection.

Deviations from the rules:

Images that do not meet the competition rules can be disqualified without a refund of the fee.


The winner receives the NFFF Gold Medal. In addition, the jury may award:

  • NFFF Silver and Bronze Medal
  • RSF Gold, Silver and Bronze Medals
  • NSFF Gold, Silver and Bronze Medals
  • AFCC Gold, Silver and Bronze Medals
  • SDF Gold, Silver and Bronze Medals

The best author combined will be awarded the honorary title NMiFK 2023; Nordic Master of Photography – Collection.

Result counts towards NSMiF:

Results from the championship will count towards the NSMiF badge of honour, equal to the points received in Nordic international photography salons with FIAP and NFFF patronage. It will not count equal to the results from the Nordic Photography Championship.

Points are awarded according to the following table:

  • NFFF Gold 8 points
  • NFFF Silver 6 points
  • NFFF Bronze 5 points
  • RSF, NSFF, AFCC, SDF Gold 7 points
  • RSF, NSFF, AFCC, SDF Silver 5 points
  • RSF, NSFF, AFCC, SDF Bronze 4 points
  • Honourable Mention 3 points
  • Accepted 2 points

Panel of judges

Michelle Tinger, Mogens Hermansen (AFIAP, QPSA, GPU CR-2, GPU Aphrodite), Tom Piorkowski – all three from the US


A catalogue in PDF format will be presented here on the NFFF website.

The award-winning collections/series will be published in the NFFF Instagram feed @nordicsocietyofphotography.