The results from the Nordic Championship for collections/series 2023 are in. Congratulations to all the winners, particularly Clas Gustafson, Sweden (EFIAP NSMiF/g MNFF/g NFFF/s) – who, with his 48 points and an AFCC gold medal, was named best photographer overall.

Click to view Clas Gustafson’s “Buffalo Transport” series (AFCC Gold):

Gold medal winners

  • NFFF Gold: Petri Damstén HonSKsLE, NSMiF/d2, MNFFF/g, EFIAP/p, MFIAP (Finland): “Boxer”
  • NSFF Gold: Mats Grimfoot EFIAP/g, NSMiF/p, MNFFF/s, ERSF/s (Sweden) “A Few Days Old”
  • RSF Gold: Oddmund Kjøsnes (Norway) “Vaniato”
  • SDF Gold: Vegard Hanssen EPSA, CR3, VIP2 (Norway) “Motocross In Rain”
  • AFCC Gold: Clas Gustafson EFIAP, NSMiF/g, MNFF/g, NFFF/s (Sweden) “Buffalo Transport”

Silver medal winners

  • NFFF Silver: Bjørn Ole Nyborg EFIAP/g, PPSA, NSMiF/S, M.APS (Norway) “Old Cars”
  • NSFF Silver: Tore Johansson ERSF (Sweden) “Succesful Dive”
  • RSF Silver: Seppo Vatanen (Finland) “Lord Of The Cold”
  • SDF Silver: Sisko Soikkeli (Sweden) “Staircase”
  • AFCC Silver: Leif Andersen AFIAP (Norway) “Spanish Fly”

Bronze medal winners

  • NFFF Bronze: Arne Andersson EFIAP MPSA2 ARSF NSMiF/s (Sweden) “Girls In Juniper Bay”
  • NSFF Bronze: Pekka Salminen EFIAP/s, NSMiF/p, MNFFF/b (Finland) “Tarasova Morozov, Short Program”
  • RSF Bronze: Morten Tellefsen NSMiF/g (Norway) “City Lines Some Red”
  • SDF Bronze: Monica Wennblom EFIAP/g, NSMiF/p, ERSF/s, NMFFF/b, HonENFFF (Sweden) “Tuscany”
  • AFCC Bronze: Richard Larssen (Norway) “Eurasian Jays”

Complete list of accepted collections (PDF)

Country statistics:

Authors Photos Accepted
Denmark 3 6 3
Finland 31 57 13
Norway 18 36 18
Sweden 35 65 26
87 164 60
Click to view Petri Damstén’s “Boxer” series, NFFF Gold:
Click to view Mats Grimfoot’s “A Few Days Old” series, NSFF Gold:
Click to view Oddmund Kjøsnes’ “Vaniato” series, RSF Gold:
Click to view Vegard Hanssen’s “Motocross In Rain” series, SDF Gold: