Maria Lindberg, MNFFF/g

Maria Lindberg, Sweden. Awarded MNFFF/g in March 2022.

“Girl and Horse Power”

My biggest inspiration as a photographer is the magical world of fairytales, and the possibility to create your own story.

For years I have photographed girls/women and horses. That special bond between the majestic, powerful and elegant horse and the much smaller, yet equally powerful, human. The trust and love in that meeting is what I want to capture. For me, it represents how everything is possible and how power is not about violence, but rather about the power of a kind and strong mind.

I want to create art that tells fairytales, but the true kind – the kind of fairytales that shows us that our true power lives within us, if we are brave enough to see it.

A horse 40 times your size and weight can still follow and listen to you, if there is trust and respect between you and the horse. That is true Girl and Horse Power.

For this presentation I have chosen photos in cold winter tones, all cropped in the same dimensions and photographed and edited in the same style, to create a unity.

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