Geir Jartveit, MNFFF/g

Geir Jartveit, Norway. Awarded MNFFF/g in March 2022.

About “Greenhouse”

Photography is about conveying emotions and trying to convey the inside of me as a photographer to other people. This series is my artistic expression as a photographer. For a long time I have been working with movement in my pictures. I use my camera as a paintbrush with long shutter speeds and movement with my camera during the exposure.

This series of 20 pictures is entitled GREENHOUSE. We humans move in a greenhouse where we are blind to what is happening outside. Our eyes and our inner self have lost focus on the future and the planet we live on. On the outside, we have the world that is about to be destroyed. It’s about stopping and thinking about doing something before it’s too late. If you get to the other side of the walk in the greenhouse, it’s too late. We walk in fixed patterns like robots on lines where we only see the green right in front of us. We deceive ourselves and do not think about the consequences that the next generation will face.

I want to convey with this series that everyone has a common responsibility to preserve the future before it is too late. I hope the photos can create a sense of responsibility.

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