Tiina Poimio, NSMIF/p – Finland

“My work is my art, my art is my passion, and my passion is my life”. That is the essence of me. I am a passionate photographer. Mainly I photograph people, especially women. Sometimes I use fantasy elements as a tool to visualize my thoughts, sometimes reality bites best. My latest areas of interest are still life and food photography. So far I have illustrated three nonfiction books about organic food, local food and cheese.

I have a degree in photography and I want each day to teach me more about it. Competing is one way to get expert evaluation that can drive me to take even better pictures. More of my works on my home page https://tiinapoimio.kuvat.fi/

I take studio pictures too, but mainly I photograph in milieu using nature as background and element. I have never intentionally photographed for competition, but many of my pictures have been shown in competitions.  I started to compete internationally in 2016 so I’m new in the business. I have succeeded quite well and for that I’m grateful and proud.

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Tiina Poimio