Roald Synnevåg, NSMIF/d1 – Norway

I started taking photographs in 1978 and joined Bekkalokket Photo Club in Bergen, Norway, the same year. After having achieved good results in Bekkalokket’s competitions for many years, in 1987, I started taking part in the national competitions. I am currently ranked as number 5 in the national competitions, which have been held annually since 1930.

I started participating in FIAP approved competitions in 1990 and had my first photo accepted in Latvia that year. I held my first separate exhibition in 2005, and since 2009, I have had a permanent exhibition at a public service office in Bergen. My pictures have been accepted/awarded in 95 different countries all over the world, with a total of 970 different images.

I have been an elected representative for Bekkalokket Photo Club for 25 years. In 2020 I was appointed an Honorary Member of Bekkalokket Fotoklubb. From 2014 also a member of the Stella Polaris Photo group. In 1993, I was elected to be a member of the board in NSFF- Norsk Selskap For Fotografi (Norwegian Society of Photography), and all in all in NSFF I have served 21 years as a representative, so far 10 years as secretary, 4 years as vice-president and 7 years as president.

In 2007 I was appointed as an honorary member of NSFF, and in 2012 I was appointed an honorary president of NSFF.

In 2015 I was one of the founders of the Nordic Society of Photography, and have been secretary there since then. From 2015 to 2018 I was engaged in FIAP Federation International De L`art Photographique as Director of FIAP Magazine Service. From 2018 engaged as PSA Liaison Officer and Membership director in Photographic Society of America

I am holder of: EFIAP-D1, MFIAP, EsFIAP, MPSA2, GPSA, HonENFFF, NSMiF-G, HonENSFF, MNSFF, ENSFF-P (as of Nov 2020)

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