Mikko Vapanen

Mikko Vapanen, NSMIF/p – Finland

Photography is my hobby and I make a living out of a completely different profession. That is why I have been able to keep my artistic freedom perfectly as a photographer. I photograph whatever I want whenever I want.

I started photography already before my twenties but around my thirties, I stopped for decades. I started again actively in 2012 when I bought my first digital SLR camera. Since then I have been photographing pretty much everything possible; landscapes, nature, events, people in their work and hobbies, and even in the studio. I have also taken an interest in high-speed photography.

The most challenging part of moving onto digital photography has been learning to use Photoshop and other image processing programs since it is very different from the darkroom process back in the day.

An essential part of my photography hobby since 2013 has been taking part in photo exhibitions in Finland and around the world. Because of these exhibitions and succeeding in them, I have earned NSMiF/p, SKsLE and EFIAP/g distinctions.

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