Leif Andersen

Leif Andersen, NSMIF/s – Norway

I have always had a certain degree of interest in photography. Born in 1956, the documentary aspect influenced my images until a new era began. In 2012, I decided to take my photography interest to a level that could engage the general public. Having a satisfying camera system and becoming a member of Arendal Photography Club marked the beginning of the development. It was together with like-minded members I began exploring the possibilities and weaknesses of the camera to find the best possible solutions for conveying what I want. I delved into the knowledge of the principles of light, composition, colour theory, and all the tools that contributed to creating a universal image. The presence and feedback from other people provide me with knowledge and growth, both in the process of creation and in conversations about the finished photo…

My close connection to the coast and coastal lighthouses (I was a lighthouse keeper at Torungen Lighthouse, among others) still influences my photography style. Clouds surrounding monuments and coastal landscapes. People, especially my own children and grandchildren, are cherished subjects for my photography. I often focus on capturing their genuine inner emotions and outward appearances. However, creating characters in roles also gives me freedom of expression as a photographer.

Competitive photography provides me with feedback on what can serve as reference points for my development. Nonetheless, it is essential to know and understand the person one is trying to communicate with through the photograph.

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