Jouko Eskelinen, NSMIF/p – Finland

Born 1956, no professional studies in photography, just the school of life. I was paid for photography for the first time in 1972. Since then I have taken photos in birthdays, weddings and funerals etc., on the whole scale of life. I have to admit that I am not very eager to wait for northern lights in the cold night but I admire people who do that. Instead, I like to take portraits and other pictures in my studio where the time goes usually too fast and sometimes till late at night.

I started competing in photography to see what the other photographers’ pictures look like and to get inspiration. Success in many salons has kicked me forward and also helped me in my career although I do not earn a living from photography but from something completely different.

Photographers are always advised to find a style of their own. I think I have not found a certain style but I think that versatility in my pictures is a style and richness.

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Jouku Eskelinen
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