Jorma Hevonkoski, NSMiF/b – Finland

I live in Inari, northern Finland, which is located close to the border between Norway and Russia. I moved here 8 years ago when climate change ruined the old, comfortable winters in the south. I love photography in winter and polar nights because of the beautiful light and snowy freeze.

I work with photography almost every day, either taking pictures or processing or printing some interesting pictures. I had a 15-year break from photography from 1991 when all my equipment was stolen. I started taking photos again 15 years ago when the first reasonably priced digital SLR camera came on the market.

On my photography trips, I often travel to northeast Norway, which is only a few hours away. I haven’t met another photographer in the Ruija for years. Fortunately, there has not yet been an international invasion of photographers to these regions that are dear to me, like Lofoten.

The gallery pictures were taken from Finnish Lapland.

Instagram: @jorma_hevonkoski

Jorma Hevonkoski NSMiF/b 2024
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