Jes Peder Korsholm Løkke, NSMiF/b – Denmark

Alssund Fotoklub, ASDF, ESDF, NSMiF/b

Where do I find my motives?
Some of them I find in nature. At Als (DK), it can be in the woods and on the beach, which is almost within walking distance. On the beach by our summer cottage west of Harboøre, in Thyborøn in northwestern Jutland, and in Thy National Park. It can be at Lodbjerg lighthouse and Stenbjerg airfield.. In the other direction in the French cities, especially in Nice and the old town.

My photo club
Alssund is my new photo club, after almost 3 decades in Esbjerg. I am grateful for the friendly welcome I received in Alssund photo club.
What I find very exciting in Alssund photo club is that there is a great collaboration between the South Jutland clubs and not least the cross-border collaboration, with Fotogruppe Harrislee e.V.

We take part in a big competition every autumn between Kieler Fotowerk, Fotokreis Pinneberg and Aabenraa fotoklub, which alternates between the four clubs. The competition runs off the stack over a weekend, but the 56th in 2020 was cancelled due to Corona. The first time I participated was in the 54th Deutsch-Dänisches Photo Meeting in 2018, where the competition task was Castles and Manors. I won 1st prize.

What is my strength?
I have an understanding wife who is nicely waiting when I just find a motive, even though we are on vacation.

My weakness?
To dare go and photograph people I do not know. This I envy Søren Skov with whom I have been on a trip. He was and is also my mentor, helper, and friend since 1988 – thank you for that, Søren. Søren, who almost very boldly sticks a 20 mm straight up in the nose of a stranger, that is my great weakness – I cannot.

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