Jens Jakobsson, NSMiF/p – Denmark

My ambition is to create artworks expressing the beauty of nature. Light is the source of all life, and light shapes the beauty of nature. The art of photography is to capture the light.

I have always been taking photos, but since 2019 I have spent more and more time with my camera with a focus on creating interesting artworks. I have participated in competitions since 2019

I am fascinated by the Nordic nature. To capture the right moment and with the right light, you need to be patient. I love the quiet moments in the middle of the wilderness. I am very focused on never disturbing nature or the animals.

The camera cannot always capture the real beauty. I edit my photos with respect to the light and what I have experienced at the location. And with long exposure photos, it is possible to capture elements you didn’t see with your own eyes.

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