elisa putti






I am a self-taught hobbyist photographer from Hämeenlinna, southern Finland. I’ve been interested in photos from the day my father brought home Life-magazine in the early 60s. It was a photography edition.   I can still remember those pictures. In my eyes they were simply amazing and it was love at first sight.I didn’t have any camera tose days and could not afford any of   course – I was just a kid at that   time. In early 90s I got my first serious film camera and then later a digital version. I’m on that way and no end has been seen so far.  

My main interest as a photographer is in all possible things around me and photos are my way of life. After retirement   from my daily job I have enough time to do what I love most and carry my camera with me everywhere. Some people think it’s annoying but I don’t care. I will continue that way!

I got my AFIAP at the time before digital equipment. Now I have received Efiap/s. I’m a bit lazy participating to exhibitions. But I have all the time in this world so why should I rush.  

In addition to exhibitions, I’m selling pictures at international photo stocks like AdobeStock, Alamy, Dreamstime etc. too. It takes a lot of effort and time to get photos for sale in different agencies. So my days are full of photowork – shooting, photoshopping, tagging, describing, loading etc. It’s more like a profession right now.

Tulips in freeze
Red evening light
Palkitt uamazed
Palkitt uadagio
Oh dear I hate this
In the sunset
Greay witch
A pair
What's up