Ari Lindholm, NSMIF/b – Finland


I am a 63-year-old enthusiastic amateur photographer from southern Finland. I have owned some kind of camera for decades. However, my photography hobby has been quite sporadic until 2016.
In 2016, I joined the Camera Club in Vihti, Finland. Initially, I learned the basics of using a digital camera from the club. My enthusiasm for photography grew gradually as I received encouraging feedback on my photos from the camera club members. Currently, I am actively involved in the activities of the camera club.

In recent years, I have been striving to develop my camera work and photographic expression. I have taken many photos and studied various photography techniques in numerous different photography courses. I photograph a wide range of interesting subjects. Currently, my main interests lie in nature, landscapes, and street photography.

I participated in my first photography competition in 2018. My participation was quite active from 2018 to 2021. After a couple of years break, I have been participating more determinedly, mainly in Finnish and Nordic competitions.
My primary goal at the moment is to photograph and improve as a photographer.

Ari Lindholm NSMiF/b 2024

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