Aki-Samuli Jortikka, NSMIF/p — Finland

I am an amateur photographer from western Finland, from Rauma to be precise. I enjoy taking photographs of people, not so much landscape. Small details on eyes, expressions on the face, posture are the things that I find interesting.

I enjoy this being as a hobby, not so much pursuing this to become a profession. I joined my local camera club, Rauman Kameraseura ry, and started learning photographing in 2017, before that I was more of taking random pictures from holiday trips.

Since then I have achieved the following distinctions: AFIAP (2018), EFIAP (2019) SKsLM (2019 AFCC), NSMiF/b (2019), NSMiF/s (2020), NSMiF/g (2021), NSMiF/p (2022)

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