Nicolai Godvin, NSMIF/p – Denmark

Self-taught photographer since 2008.

Photography for me is a passion that has developed a lot, after a long course of cancer back in 2008, where I set out to learn EVERYTHING within photography. Have photographed most different categories today and must admit that Street photography and Bird photography gives me much joy today.

In my eyes 2 difficult categories as they both require good preparation and a lot of patience to get the good motives. I know nothing better than to go on a trip to a city and then go exploring there with the camera … to find a nice location in the city and then wait for the person to come and complete the photograph.

Today when I go and photograph Street, we see the motifs in colour, but today I can see it at the same time in monochrome on the spot – which makes it enormously exciting for me. For the last 2 years, I have also found great joy in bird photography in nature – as I have always been very happy to go in nature as well.

Started in 2016 participating in various photo competitions in NFFF and FIAP.

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Nicolai Godvin
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