Finally, we can reveal the results from this year’s Nordic Circuit. Huge congratulations to the best photographer overall and receiver of the NFFF Gold medal; Manfred Pillik from Austria!

(Top image: “Fairytale hunting” by Anna Almen, Sweden – FIAP Gold Colour, Norwegian jury)

NFFF Gold medal, overall winner
Manfred Pillik EFIAP, Austria

FIAP Blue Badge, Danish jury
Marcel Van Balken EFIAP/d3 MFIAP MPSA, Netherlands

FIAP Blue Badge, Finnish jury
Chau Tran My, Vietnam

FIAP Blue Badge, Norwegian jury
Manfred Pillik EFIAP, Austria

FIAP Blue Badge, Swedish jury
Klaus-Peter Selzer MFIAP, Germany

The Best Nordic Photographer, Danish jury
Cathrin Flate Reiten, Norway

The Best Nordic Photographer, Finnish jury
Atle Helland HonENSFF ENSFF-B NSMiF/p, Norway

The Best Nordic Photographer, Norwegian jury
Anna Almen EFIAP MNFFF/b NSMiF/s MRSF/b ERSF/b, Sweden

The Best Nordic Photographer, Swedish jury
Mikael Lundblad NSMiF/p AFIAP MNFFF/s, Sweden

The Best Danish Photographer, overall
Stefan Nielsen AFIAP, ESDF, NSMiF/S

The Best Finnish Photographer, overall
Petri Damstén HonSKsLE, NSMiF/d2, MNFFF/g, EFIAP/p, MFIAP

The Best Norwegian Photographer, overall
Cathrin Flate Reiten

The Best Swedish Photographer, overall
Mikael Lundblad NSMiF/p, AFIAP, MNFFF/s

(Image below: “Drying Paddy” by Shourjendra Datta, India – FIAP Gold Colour, Finnish jury)

Drying Paddy - FIAP Gold, Finnish jury (Shourjendra Datta, India)