The verdict is in and we can give our congratulations to the overall winner of the very first Nordic Photography Championship Slideshow, Wille Markkanen! He was awarded the NFFF Gold medal for his work “Puijo Tower”.

Here are the awarded entries; see their slideshows in the playlist widget below.

  • Wille Markkanen, Finland – “Puijo Tower” NFFF Gold
  • Petri Damstén HonSKsLE, NSMiF/d1, MNFFF/g, EFIAP/p, MFIAP, Finland – “Dystopia” NSFF Gold
  • Katarina Holmström ARSF, NSMiF/B, Sweden – “Ballet Dreams” RSF Gold
  • Jorma Hevonkoski, Finland – “Deep Polar Night” SDF Gold
  • Elmeri Härkönen, Finland – “Tunnemetsä” SKsL Gold
  • Roald Synnevåg MFIAP EFIAP-D3 EsFIAP GMPSA GPSA HonENFF NSMiF-P, Norway – “Bears” NFFF Silver
  • Dick Wåhlin ERSF, Sweden – “Varanger – Hornøya” NSFF Silver
  • Tommy Lie, Sweden – “Åsne Racet” RSF Silver
  • Roland Kjellberg, Sweden – “Isens Skepnader” SDF Silver
  • Peter Reichel EFIAP, Sweden – “Samlaren” SKsL Silver
  • Pia Simonen SKsLSM, NSMiF/g, EFIAP, GPUCR2, Finland – “Tournament” NFFF Bronze
  • Per Martens AFIAP, ESDF, NSMiF/b, Denmark – “Beginning To The End” NSFF Bronze
  • Øystein Skjerve, Norway – “Namib Desert Red Sand” RSF Bronze
  • Stine Marie Barsjø ANSFF, NSMiF/b, Norway – “Ida Sofie 2016-2022” SDF Bronze
  • Morten Tellefsen NSMiF/g, Norway – “Fabeldyr” SKsL Bronze



List of all accepted slideshows (PDF)

Authors Photos Acc
Denmark 2 2 1
Finland 8 8 5
Norway 7 7 5
Sweden 18 18 8
35 35 19