The results from the Nordic Championship for collections/series 2022 are in. Our congratulations to all the winners, and in particular Bjarne Hyldgaard, Denmark – who, with his 46 points and an NFFF Gold medal, was named best photographer overall.

Click to view Bjarne Hyldgaard’s “Landsknægte” series (NFFF Gold):

Gold medal winners

  • NFFF Gold: Bjarne Hyldgaard (Denmark) MFIAP, EFIAP/d3, NSMiF/d1, MSDF/g, MNFFF/g “Landsknægte”
  • NSFF Gold: Atle Sveen (Norway) EFIAP/d3 “Laetitia Color”
  • RSF Gold: Heikki Sarparanta (Finland) EFIAP/p, NSMiF/p, SKsLE “Polar Bears In Svalbard”
  • SDF Gold: Juha Jokinen (Finland) SKsLSM, NSMiF/g, EFIAP/s, GPU(cr2) “Portraiture”
  • SKsL Gold: Allan Wallberg (Sweden) AFIAP “A Cold Winter Day”

Silver medal winners

  • NFFF Silver: Anita Price (Norway) NSMIF/s, MNFF/b “Dancing Bears”
  • NSFF Silver: Clas Gustafson (Sweden) EFIAP NSMiF/g MNFF/g NFFF/s “Guggenheim”
  • RSF Silver: Kari Kumpulainen (Finland) SKsLM, NSMiF/p, EFIAP “Scapes”
  • SDF Silver: Mikael Lundblad (Sweden) NSMiF/g, AFIAP “Elephants”
  • SKsL Silver: Risto Raunio (Finland) SKsLSM, EFIAP, NSMiF/s, GPUCR2 “Wolf Players In The Rain”

Bronze medal winners

  • NFFF Bronze: Damstén Petri HonSKsLE, NSMiF/d1, MNFFF/g, EFIAP/p, MFIAP Finland Imperfect
  • NSFF Bronze: Hevonkoski Jorma Finland Tanamunningen
  • RSF Bronze: Grimfoot Mats EFIAP/g, NSMiF/p, MNFFF/s, ERSF/s Sweden Fighting Faces
  • SDF Bronze: Jonsson Nina NSMiF/b Norway Heron
  • SKsL Bronze: Friberg Mikaela EFIAP/b, NSMiF/s, MNFFF/s, ERSF/b Sweden The Emigrants

Complete list of accepted collections (PDF)

Country statistics:

  Authors Photos Accepted
Denmark 18 33 10
Finland 77 138 28
Norway 56 102 34
Sweden 54 99 30
  205 372 102
Click to view Atle Sveen’s “Laetitia Color” series, NSFF Gold:
Click to view Juha Jokinen’s “Portraiture” series, SDF Gold:
Click to view Heikki Sarparanta’s “Polar Bears In Svalbard” series, RSF Gold:
Click to view Allan Wallberg’s “A Cold Winter Day” series, SKsL Gold: