The results are in for the first ever Nordic Photography Championship for Collections! We congratulate all the winners, and in particular Geir Jartveit of Norway – who, with his 51 points and an NFFF Gold medal, was named best photographer overall.

Due to a tecnical error, the report cards sent out today (Nov 10) unfortunately were left blank. This will be recitified as soon as possible, hopefully by November 11.

Click to view Geir Jartveit’s “Calopteryx Splendens” series:

Gold medal winners

  • NFFF Gold: Geir Jartveit (Norway) “Calopteryx Splendens”
  • NSFF Gold: Istvan Csomortani EFIAP/s (Sweden) “Day Of Kingfisher”
  • RSF Gold: Paula Lehtimäki SKsLSM NSMiF/s EFIAP (Finland) “Handsome Bearded”
  • SDF Gold: Atle Sveen EFIAP/D2 (Norway) “Fun With Flour”
  • SKsL Gold: Nina Jonsson NSMiF/b (Norway) “Family Hobbies”

Silver medal winners

  • NFFF Silver: Marcus Liedholm E.RSF/s (Sweden) “Plant Shapes”
  • NSFF Silver: Jorma Hevonkoski (Finland) “Teno Sandbank”
  • RSF Silver: Antero Piekiäinen (Finland) “Dancing Terns Bw”
  • SDF Silver: Soren Skov MSDF/p EFIAP/p NSMiF/g MNFFF/g (Denmark) “Boxing”
  • SKsL Silver: Marjut Korhonen EFIAP/p, SKsLSM, NSMiF/g (Finland) “Focus On Leaves And Flowers”

Bronze medal winners

  • NFFF Bronze: Vegard Hanssen CR2, VIP1 (Norway) “Water Droplets”
  • NSFF Bronze: Heikki Sarparanta EFIAP/g,NSMiF/g,SKsLE (Finland) “Namibian Dyynit”
  • RSF Bronze: Elisabeth Syvertsen (Norway) “In The Pond”
  • SDF Bronze: Petri Damstén HonSKsLE, NSMiF/p, EFIAP/g, EPSA, BPSA (Finland) “The Dark Room”
  • SKsL Bronze: Urban Jansson (Sweden) “Rally”

Honourable mentions

  • Dybesland Bente R. EFIAP/g, PPSA, NSMiF/s (Norway) “My Lane”
  • Hammerstad Jan AFIAP, NSMiF/b, ASDF (Denmark) “Swim Swim Swim”
  • Helimäki Jussi EFIAP/B,NSMiF/c (Finland) “Mating”
  • Horgmo Geir Ivar EFIAP/g NSMiF/g ENSFF/b (Norway) “D/S Skibladner”
  • Hyldgaard Bjarne EFIAP/d3, NSMiF/d1, MSDF/g, MNFFF/g (Denmark) “Romanians”
  • Kristensen Henrik R. EFIAP/s NSMiF/g MSDF/s (Denmark) “Outlet To The Sea”
  • Larsson Benny (Sweden) “Steamtrain”
  • Lundblad Mikael NSMiF/s (Sweden) “African Antelopes”
  • Mikalsen Kari HonENSFF AFIAP (Norway) “The Artist Art Ranger”
  • Price Anita (Norway) “Hare Night”
  • Ryborg Flemming NSMIF/s AFIAP ASDF (Denmark) “Show(er)Time”
  • Sell Henrik (Finland) “The Rare Visitor”
  • Synnevåg Roald MFIAP EFIAP-D2 EsFIAP GMPSA GPSA HonENFF NSMiF-P (Norway) “Alberto…Same Same But Different”
  • Vrethed Harri (Sweden) “Food Delivery”
  • Zeij Kasper (Denmark) “Copenhagen Light Festival”

Complete list of accepted collections (PDF)

Click to view Paula Lehtimäki’s “Handsome Bearded”, awarded the RSF Gold medal: