I was given a grant for my 2020 photo exhibition ”Portrait of a Woman” which took place in October at Rauma Main Library. The photos that are chosen for this exhibition span over several years but are mainly my later production. Because of the COVID-19 restrictions, the small opening was held only for invited guests visiting separately.

About me and my art

“My work is my art, my art is my passion, and my passion is my life”.

That is the essence of me. I am a passionate art photographer. Mainly I photograph people, especially women. Sometimes I use fantasy elements as tools to visualize my thoughts, sometimes reality bites best. I take studio pictures, but mainly I photograph in milieu using nature as background and element. This exhibition is more about studio pictures.

Tiina Poimio: Unknown
Tiina Poimio: Love is blindless
Tiina Poimio: Dream

I have a degree in photography and I want each day to teach me more about it. Competing is one way to get an expert evaluation to show me how to still raise my standards. Exhibitions are a way to show my art, to reflect how my mind works. Please see more of my works on my website.

Tiina Poimio: Stalker

The power of a photograph is based on its evidential value and experientiality. With a photo, you can express and make visible things that are blurred behind everyday routines indicate that they exist, or on the other hand, lighten and support weak signals of things to come. In everyday use, photography is considered to be a witness of a real event in spite of being itself a subject of manipulation, perhaps even by the photographer. This juxtaposition makes possible the overlapping process of reality and imagination through photographs.

Tiina Poimio: Under wet fabric
Tiina Poimio: Spirit of nature

In pictures, dreams or the unseen can come true. The photographs also link to the stages of an individual’s life story, family relationships, and self-perception. Photographs can also be used to return to emotionally fresh purposes from a long time ago, to re-process unfinished processes. Sometimes a person’s “self” can be too close and abstract to be explored. Then photographs can work as a mirror from which one can see different aspects of oneself. Images reach for something that cannot be expressed in words.

Tiina Poimio: Olga
Tiina Poimio: Despair
Tiina Poimio: Wanderer