The results from the Nordic Championship 2021 are in: huge congratulations to Nina Carlsen, Norway — Nordic champion, colour — and Mikael Lundblad, Sweden — Nordic champion, monochrome! The best club was Image Group De Lux from Sweden.

Individual results:

Club championship:

  1. Image Group De Lux, SE: Gold medal + €1000
  2. Photo Club Dania, DK: Silver medal + €750
  3. Kuopion Kameraseura, FI: Bronze medal + €500

Club results and statistics (PDF)

Best clubs pt
Image Group De Lux, SE 405
Photo Club Dania, DK 403
Kuopion Kameraseura, FI 402
Bekkalokket Fotoklubb, NO 398
Downstairs fotografisk workshop, DK 394
Tampereen Valokuvausseura, FI 385
Skodje Fotoklubb, NO 383
Stella Polaris Photo Group, DK 381
Arendal Fotoklubb, NO 375
Moss Fotoklubb, NO 374
Trondhjems Kameraklubb, NO 370
Turun Kamerat, FI 369
Drammen Fotoklubb, NO 363
Helsingin Kameraseura, FI 351
Kameraseura Mielikuva, FI 349
Rauman Kameraseura, FI 348

Award certificates:

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