The Nordic Society of Photography (NFFF) consists of more than 20 000 affiliated amateur photographers. We strongly condemn the ongoing terrible attacks, violence, killing of innocent people, destruction of infrastructure and deletion of cultural cooperation.

The Nordic Society of Photography has had trusting and friendly cooperation with our photography friends in Ukraine and Russia for a long time. Under the false pretext of acting for peace and unity, the contrary will follow this unfair attack from Russia on Ukraine.

We want to support as much as we can now and in the future that our friends in Ukraine will be able to come back into the amiable circle of photographic exchange.

We ask our friends to use their photographic competence to monitor and save the images showing the ongoing genocide.

Our confidence in the leaders of Russia is broken. However, our faith in respective photography friends in Ukraine and Russia builds on a future where the truth will survive.

We encourage all our members to support organizations that provide help for the dire human suffering in Ukraine. Here are links to the United Nations Refugee Agency (UNHCR) and the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC):

Photo by Kostiantyn Stupak