Geir Ivar Horgmo, NSMiF/b

Geir Ivar Horgmo, NSMiF/b

Geir Ivar Horgmo

12 years old I bought my first camera, an Olympus Trip 35, for money earned in the strawberry fields the summer of 1974. My photographic journey had just begun. It has been a bumpy ride with different fields of interest and different levels of activity. Several decades later I am still on the road enjoying this wonderful way of exploring and developing my creative skills.

Working as an ophthalmologist, the art of seeing is on my agenda every day. Vision is our primary sense and the main source of information from our environment. The brain devotes more space to processing and storing visual information than all other senses combined. Expressing myself visually through photography constitutes a meaningful and rewarding leisure activity as an extension of my professional work.

In 2000 I got my first digital camera, starting a new era in my photographic activity. From 2010 I have attended national competitions as well as international salons. I am the proud owner of two NFFF Gold Medals, by far the most beautiful medals in my collection of awards.

At present, my primary fields of interest are conceptual and street photography, though I like to explore any genre of photography. For me, the most important objective of photographic art is storytelling and the ability to evoke a feeling in the beholder.

I also find great pleasure in watching other photographer’s works of art. Therefore,

I would like to express my gratitude to all fellow enthusiasts in the photographic community for their continuous inspiration.


Bjørn Dykesteen, NSMiF/b

Bjørn Dykesteen, NSMiF/b

Bjørn Dykesteen, NSMiF/b

Born 1966

Member of Bryne Fotoklubb and Biofoto Rogaland

Self-taught nature photographer. Are curious about nature, I do a lot of own projects, alone but also together with very good photofriends. It’s important to see what others are doing, and never be afraid to ask, trying, making mistake and learn by them. You will never become fully trained. ( Luckily )

My first analog camera I bought in 1981, but it’s the last 10 years I’ve been most active.

Nature is my very best friend, here I find the peace and security I need.

In particular, I like birds of prey and predators but photographers landscapes, other animals but rarely people. Looking at street / urban photography as this looks exciting and developing.

Patience is one of the prerequisites one must have as a natural photographer.

Always looking for new things / areas / methods / techniques to be able to have own development which is very important to me. Try things out of the comfort zone.

I do like traveling with other nature photographers. Community creates joy / socialisation / development and to master different things.

For me, the camera and nature are the best disconnection from the daily workload and all the stress among us.

Like traveling, I am lucky and has already been photographed in several countries.

Started competing in 2015, competing in Norway, the Nordic region and abroad. Will focus even more on photo contests/ salons in the years to come.

Started competing in 2015, competing in Norway, the Nordic region and abroad. Will focus even more on photo contests in the future.

With best regards

Bjørn Dykesteen



Søren Skov, NSMiF/b

Søren Skov, NSMiF/b

Søren Skov
Autodidakt fotograf.

Fotografiske titler: EFIAP/p – MSDF/g  NSMiF/b

Medlem af:
 Stella Polaris Photogroup
 SDF, Selskabet for Dansk Fotografi

FIAP, The International Federation of Photographic Art.
Deltager Nationalt samt Internationalt på fotosaloner, og har siden 1984 fået antaget mere end 800 fotografier, samt fået tildelt mere end 100 medaljer og Honorable Mention D’honneur i flere end 40 forskellige lande.

Min helt store interesse, er at fotografere mennesker i hverdagssituationer i samspil med deres vante sociale miljø.
Derudover er jeg vild med at sammensætte flere billeder til et billede.

Hans Ertzeid Mathisen, NSMiF/b

Hans Ertzeid Mathisen, NSMiF/b

Hans Ertzeid Mathisen
Født: 16.12.1952
Selvlært fotograf.

Tilnærmet ubrukelig rent teknisk.

Et forsøk på å beskrive meg som fotograf henger tett sammen med hvem jeg er som menneske.

Jeg er rastløs.
Jeg reiser.
Jeg er alltid i bevegelse
I flere betydninger av ordet.

Jeg er genuint opptatt av mennesker rundt meg. Kanskje mest av dem som på forskjellige måter strever med  å få til det livet de er født inn i.

I møte med mennesker verden rundt lever jeg, lærer jeg og noen ganger forstår jeg.

Oppleves det riktig fotograferer jeg.
Ute i gatene er det forskjellig.
Der er oppmerksomhet og øyeblikk styrende når jeg vandrer rundt med mitt kamera.

Jeg forsøker å være en historieforteller med kamera.
Jeg deltar i noen konkurranser i Norge og Norden og har glede av det.

Satu Mali Finland, NSMiF/b

Satu Mali Finland, NSMiF/b

Satu Mali,

My name is Satu Mali and I’m from Otalampi, Finland. I was born in 1979 and bought my first digital camera in 2012 to teach myself photography. I started with photos of nature and my son but soon they turned into photos of other children and families.

Nowadays I mostly photograph portraits and weddings. I love to show humanity in the photos, all the little details and of course emotions. It’s also important to me that there’s a story of the photo in my mind before I push the button.

Today I’m very happy to say that I make a living as a photographer with this being my third year as an entrepreneur. Every day is a chance to learn something new both in photography and the business of it.  

Jørgen Skaug Norge, NSMiF/b

Jørgen Skaug Norge, NSMiF/b

Jorgen Skaug

I was born in 1946, and live in Lillehammer Norway. I am an active amateur photograph, and has been a member in Lillehammer Camera club since 2003. I started participating in international photo salons and exhibitions in 2014, and has received more than 2500 acceptances and several awards so far.

In 2018 I received EFIAP/b. In April 2018 I became a new member in PSA. During the Summer 2018 I have  earned both PPSA and EPSA distinction. And now, i have got NSNiF/b distinction in Nordic Society of Photography.
Mostly I like to photograph people in activity and Nature/landscape.

Kim Kristensen Denmark, NSMiF/b

Kim Kristensen Denmark, NSMiF/b

I started with digital photography as a hobby in 2010.
The digital world of photography was new and a bit of a mystery to me. That made me turn to a Photoclub for help and support. There I was introduced to SDF and Fiap, in short your world, I guess.

I mostly do portraiture and artistic nude, in different environments and studio.

I have participating in national and international salons and contests for two years now, that gives me an evaluation of my pictures, and inspiration to develop my pictures in the future.

Tuula Pitkälahti Finland, NSMiF/b

Tuula Pitkälahti Finland, NSMiF/b

In photography I am an active enthusiast.
On a daily basis I photograph nature, landscapes, sill life and sometimes children.
On used to works as an assistant for portrait photographer in studio for 26 years.
My independent photography started in 2012.
Also in same years I started to participate to International Salons.
I was awarded AFIAP in 2014 and EFIAP in 2015

Una Streit Larsen Denmark, NSMiF/b

Una Streit Larsen Denmark, NSMiF/b

Una Streit Larsen

The photograph is my passion and my breath. As a teenager I bought an analog camera and worked in the darkroom.  After a long photo break I returned to the digital camera in autumn 2015 where I also sent in for the first time to an international competition.

In 2016 I got the courage to send more pictures in the world and has now been awarded an ASDF, AFIAP and a NSMiF/b. I have just applied for an EFIAP and are also looking for a NSMiF/s, even if it’s going to be a year.

International competitions develop me as a photographer and sharpen my image vision.I have had 3 solo exhibitions in various cultural houses and have over the 3 last years contributed to an exhibitions in June at the same time at the Copenhagen Photo Festival.

The photograph makes me relax and be in the moment.

Merja Martikainen Finland, NSMiF/s

Merja Martikainen Finland, NSMiF/s

Merja Martikainen

I am a passionate hobbyist photographer from eastern Finland. I have studied art for many years and acted as a painter and a graphic designer. I bought my first camera in 2013 and attended a basic course arranged by our local camera club. From there my interest started to grow. At first, I photographed mainly nature. Gradually I got more interested in people and studio portraits. Nowadays I like pictures with a deeper meaning and message; for this kind of work I often make all the props and clothing myself. Models are mostly friends and acquaintances.

I attended my first international salon in autumn 2014. Now I am SKsLM, AFIAP and NSMiF/b and have applied for EFIAP this year. I have acted as a judge in several photo exhibitions. I am very grateful for being trusted and given this first-hand possibility to see magnificent international photography.

I shall continue with photography for as long as I’m able to. I want to create thoughts and experiences through my work.


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