Benny Rytter, NSMiF/b


Photographer by coincidence!

Many years in the IT industry was exchanged with a life as a photographer in 2006, when I involuntarily stopped as a communication coach.

Luckily I have bought my first DSLR in 2005 and was instantaneously caught by the “photography” as a long lost friend.

So I started the journey that have led to my status today as a freelance photographer and filmmaker with a wonderful hobby….photography.

I enjoy various genres of the photography, whether it be landscape photography, nature photography, portraits or fine art nude photography I find joy and challange in all the genres. I would be bored to death only photographing one or two topics

In 2013 I was introduced to the competition/salon photography. I participated to achieve the recognition, but more important to expand my horizon and develop my skills.

From 2015 things really moved at fast pace, getting my first international gold medals achieved the international EFIAP and PPSA titles, the national ESDF title in Denmark, 7 FIAP blue pins – Culminating with a regional championship in 2017 and 2nd place in the Danish Nationals 2016 and 2017. 

In 2018 I achieved NSMIF/B, and had a break through selling my art.

The last three years has been amazing .

I’m a member of Photo Club Dania and Stella Polaris Photo Group. I live I Aalborg in Denmark.